A downloadable game for Windows

"In the Upove Galaxy, Mischief just arrived at her home from work, which is Planet Autumnia, there she found out that her neighbors were gone missing. As she enters her house, she found a note that tells someone kidnapped them.
Who? How? and Why?
Well it's up to Mischief to search for the one who is responsible for the mess.
..and possibly give 'em a good fwoompening."

*It just another RPG Maker Game.
*Uh yeah that's about it.
*And it's full of fetish material that's gross.
*Why did I make this.

It just a demo and still in development so don't expect too much from it.
This is probably like the shortest demo ever I've made.

Install instructions

1. Click on the file with the blue icon (right after downloading).
2. After it finishes extracting, go into the file it created (should've where the original DL file was.
3. Run the file named 'game' that has a balloon for an icon.


Wicked Pump.exe 68 MB


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as soon as I click on the download it gets removed :(


if i may ask, when the game get more underway, will there be a lewd version?

Hey ShamefulRadio. I am sorry for my hyperactive behavior. I know that you don't take ocs or other stuff.  I am not a creep. I wish you have a good time and a good luck and I hope you can unblock me on twitter. if not I understand. I hope this game will be entertaining to all the inflation fans.


Not sure if this is even possible to add or not, but what if one of your rewards for beating a new enemy lets you 'collect' their inflation scene? So you could go back and view it again whenever you like, might not even be possible with RPG Maker so I dunnu!


I am very much down for a "Fwoompapedia" of sorts. Like essentially a bestiary but you can view each inflation state of the enemies too. Or just look at all the enemies cause honestly they are also cute as heck. XD

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Heck Yes! they look so adorable when they are big and puffy~


Holy hell this was good, from the sound effects to the artstyle. I would 100% throw money at you for a release, lots of it. I think this is the first RPG where I'm looking forward to as many random encounters as possible. Even as just a game and not an inflationfetsh thing the combat system is pretty unique and fun to use. I showed a lot of my friends with mutual interests and they all agree with me 100%. keep at it!

This game was amazing, I played the full demo (which is not saying a lot since it's so short) and can say that I am 100% sold on the mechanics and idea, it's actually fun and satisfying ass hell to use the battle system. I would love you to continue development and keep making this game great!


I would recommend to not add a fee to this game, as only fetish people would play it, if you put a fee, of course, less people would play. Dont be shameful, heh, that you made this game, its really good, and I am excited to play the full game once it is released, good luck making it!


i honestly love this and would pay money to play this


I love rpg games, and this one, for what I've seen, is exceptional. 1. people that Do have these fetishes will love this game. 2. its a great rpg game in general! I would love to submit my ideas on bosses,  charachters, attacks, and if you have given up on this game, dont, its actually very unique and fun! 10/10  online rpg game.


Is there any way I can donate to the game's development?